Dear Ronel
After 3 months it is time for my dad to spread his wings of independence again. How do I say thank you? Thank you to Nel Homecare for placing a lovely lady like Lynette to assist my dad when he was not strong enough to look after himself after his hip replacement.
Lynette is a pleasant, friendly, humble, neat, caring lady. She took excellent care of Oupa. We wish her well and greet her. I believe that the next family will be blessed to have her to assist them.
Thank you for the wonderful work you do, making lives easier, giving peace of mind.
God bless you
Warmest regards
Karin Nolan 

I can recommend Emelda with open arms to any client. This lady is sent straight from heaven to work with the elderly. Her patience and the soft touch that she displays when working with my 82 year old mother, who is sometimes very impatient and so slow in all her actions, is commendable.

During the various phases of my mother’s  illnesses (normally after operations, long periods in hospital or general weakening of her condition) the way Emelda handled my mother was unseen in any of the at least eight carers which looked after my mother (from another agency). The relation and trust that she has developed with my mother are one of a psychologist, psychiatrist, pastor and friend!

Emelda has become a legend in my mother’s circle of friends as well. On the good days when Emelda went o/to the hairdresser /to the prayer group with my mother she also started to take care of all the elderly people collecting or associating with my mother.

My mothers’ friends came to visit her more frequently at home because of Emelda’s tea and cookies which she serves after accompanying the visitors from their cars!!!

Emelda’s work ethic was impeccable and she was always at work punctual even in times when I was aware that her family went through great difficulty during the Mamelodi floods!

Ronel, you have a star here!

L Rust

I only knew Bubbly around 4 weeks but in that short time, she made a positive impression on me. Not only does her name indicate her personality but she also takes great care in her job as carer. She is savvy and cottons on to who can help her to support her in her role as carer left in an old age home unit with two 80-year olds, of whom one is terminally ill with cancer.

She is quick to send news from her cell phone, understands who to contact and when it was an emergency, she was calm and reacted immediately.

I will recommend Bubbly to any family who needs someone to care for their loved ones.

Mrs de Villiers
Lynnwood, Pretoria

Twee van Nel Tuisversorging se versorgers het voltyds na my ma, ‘n Alzheimer pasiënt, in omgesien.

Hulle liefde, toewyding, geduld en respek waarmee hulle my ma behandel het, sal my altyd bybly.  My ma was totaal en al afhanklik van die tuisversorgers en alhoewel sy ons nie meer later erken het nie, het sy wel breed geglimlag as die tuisversorgers in die vertrek kom.

Dit opsigself was vir my die grootse getuigskrif vir beide tuisversorgers. Ek sal met die grootste vrymoedigheid Ronel Nel en haar tuisversorging span aanbeveel.  Hulle deernis waarmee elke pasiënt behandel word, het vir ons baie beteken in die 4 jaar wat hulle na my moeder omgesien het.

P Swart
Die Wilgers

Ek kan regtig Nel Tuisversorging met ‘n oop gemoed aanbeveel. Die agentskap is uiters behulpsaam, het begrip vir omstandighede, is simpatiek en is bereid om aan te pas by die pasiënt se behoeftes.

Die versorgers is baie netjies en goed opgelei. Hulle kan op enige tydstip aan die familie verslag doen oor die pasiënt se toestand en dit verskaf aan die familie gemoedsrus dat hul die familie dadelik sal inlig indien daar veranderinge intree wat dringende aandag vereis.

Ek kan regtig sê dat ek enige tyd vrymoedigheid het om Ronel te kontak en die feit dat sy regtig onmiddellik antwoord en LUISTER maak dit vir my aangenaam om met haar as agent te praat.

– ‘n Dogter van ‘n pasiënt in Selrose Park Aftree Oord

We have recently been through the difficult process of deciding how to care for our aged parents – we are so blessed to have them both still around! However, as we saw their health failing, we realised as a family that we needed to do something.

At first, we started looking around at assisted living options but they were expensive, and we were concerned about the huge upheaval this would bring into our parents’ lives as we uprooted them from their comfortable cottage and took away their independence.

I was advised that the least stressful way to assist my parents would be to get the services of a caregiver. I then researched quite a few organisations – and nearly fell off my chair at what some of them were asking for these services!

I then found Nel Homecare. Ronel gave me information promptly when I enquired about the services, and the document she supplied me was comprehensive and easy to understand. More than this – the services offered included the option of 24×7 care, and such care was available for two people: problem solved!

It was a very easy matter to negotiate a contract with Nel Homecare, and in no time at all, a carer was contracted to help my parents.

My parents’ carer is a kind lady who helps out tremendously. She has been required to live in my parents’ cottage and therefore she shares all facilities. This has been no problem at all, as she has tried to be as unobtrusive as possible, while providing a comprehensive caring service.

My parents have come to rely on her greatly. Having her in the cottage overnight assisted enormously one night recently, when my mom went to the bathroom and fell badly. My dad did not hear her fall, but the dear carer did, and came to help Mom get up, woke Dad up to assist in getting her back to bed, and checked there were no serious injuries.

While we know the time will come when we do need to look at a more permanent solution for my parents as their health continue to worsen, it is a great relief to know that they are well cared for in the interim, and that at any time I can pick up the phone to Ronel with any query, and continue to experience great service.

– a patient living in Shere

We are extremely satisfied with the service that Nel Home Caring provides.  We have had the same carer for the past 6 years and she has become part of our family.  Mum is in a wheelchair and requires daily care and companionship, which Magdeline provides with compassion and patience.
During times of crisis Ronel has provided us with short term options that covered weekends and evenings as well, without any hassle or complication.  We recommend Nel Home Caring highly and will continue to make use of their services.
– Daughter of a patient in Bougainville Retirement Village

Ons kan Nel tuisversorging met ʼn besliste gemoed aanbeveel. Ons is reeds sedert 2007 bekend met hul diens. Op daardie stadium kon Magda my nie versorg nadat ek ʼn rugoperasie ondergaan het en vir enkele weke net mag gelê of gestaan het nie. Ek het toe reeds die vriendelike en professionele diens waardeer.

Toe Magda aan die begin van 2015 ʼn tuisversorger begin benodig het, het ons keuse outomaties op Ronel Nel se Tuisversorgingsdiens geval. O hierdie stadium is ons steeds buitengewoon tevrede met die diens. Die tuisversorger is beslis goed opgelei, tree professioneel op en versorg Magda op ʼn uiters bevredigende wyse.

Ons het net die hoogste lof en waardering vir Nel Tuisversorging en is verseker daarvan dat enige moontlike kliënt die regte keuse maak as Nel Tuisversorging gebruik word.

– Cillié en Magda Martin, Sunriseview Aftree-oord, Pretoria

Ek wil graag die geleentheid gebruik om jou personeel te bedank vir die professionel versorging van ons moeder. Om die woord professionele versorging te gebruik is egter n miskenning van die verhouding en deernis wat daar tans tussen Linda en Ma Soetie bestaan.

Ek sal jou personeel altyd aanbeveel aangesien ek weet dat jou standaarde wywer strek as n blote versorgingsdiens.

Nogmaals groot waardering

Niel en Celeste Steinmann

Ronel se behulpsaamheid is `n uitkoms in menige moeiike omstandighede.

Haar mensekennis het tot gevolg dat die tuisversorger se persoonlikheid en die van die klient mekaar komplimenteer. Geen probleem is ooit te groot om te hanteer nie.

Ronel se bereidwilligheid om altyd na my behoefte vir `n tuisversorger te luister, plan te maak en `n oplossing te bied, is vir my van groot waarde. Selfs op onmoontlike tye. Al die tuisversorgers wat my pad al gekruis het, is van die hoogste, proffessionele gehalte-personeel.

– Sister Ria, Larmenier Aftree Oord

Dear Ronel

It is with great thankfulness and appreciation that I write this letter of recommendation. Your well-trained and dedicated staff members are loving and caring and can be trusted completely. Knowing that my mother is being taken care of physically as well as emotionally, has lifted a tremendous burden off my shoulders.

Your caregivers bring great comfort to her in her weakened and unstable state and I have the utmost trust in their ability to handle every difficult situation.

God bless you, keep up the good work.

– Hannes